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DIY Jersey Card

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it got me thinking about making the perfect gift for dad. Or at least, something different. We’ve been through the macaroni art and finger printing masterpieces at our house. It’s time to take it up a notch. Plus, sometimes...

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13+ Ways for Kids to Collect Sports Cards

  I hear it often. And it bugs me. "Collecting is only for the rich." Of something like it. There is some truth to that statement. You used to be able to buy a couple of packs of sports cards for a buck or less. No longer the case. The least expensive packs now...

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Give your kid the gift of hockey cards

Heh parents, teachers, grandparents! Sports cards (hockey cards, baseball, basketball, football, whatever you like) is a hobby you WANT your kid in. I never used to get it. The hobby of collecting was completely lost on me. More on that is in a series of posts I've...

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National Hockey/Baseball Card Day

This is a follow up post from How to Prepare for National Hockey/Baseball Card Day.   February 23rd, 2019 was National Hockey Card Day in North America. My kids and I had a plan (see How to Prepare for NHCD post referred to above). But our day didn't go exactly...

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How to Prepare for National Hockey/Baseball Card Day

Saturday, February 15th is National Hockey Card Day.   Which means that February 15th will be one of the best days of 2020! Not only can you get free hockey cards on February 16th but the day lends itself nicely to spending time with your kids (if you have),...

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Pack Wars games are now available to purchase!