Chalmers Community Club played host to their very first sports card show on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The purpose of the card show was to raise money for the Elmwood Giants baseball team. It also brought sports fans together to enjoy the hobby of collecting.

By 10 a.m. last Saturday, 19 vendors had finished setting up their displays  and were waiting for the first customers to walk through the Chalmers club gym doors. Just outside those doors, canteen workers fired up their grill and deep fryer in preparation for the burgers and french fries they served for the duration of the show.

Organizer of the show, Mike Bergmann, said that the show was a success overall. Nearly one thousand dollars was raised and donated to the Elmwood Giants Baseball team. The Giants have called the Chalmers area home since 1903, long before the community centre was built in 1952. Although local support in the stands has dwindled somewhat in the past few years, the Giants’ fans are as passionate as ever.

Several of the vendors spoke of their desire to support local businesses, and the Giants baseball team in particular. Their love of collecting wasn’t the only thing that brought them to the card show; most of the collectors that had a table at the show either had a memory of the Elmwood Giants or playing baseball themselves.

However, baseball wasn’t the main sport on February 24th. While kids skated and played hockey outdoors on the sunny, mild winter day, plenty of trades were happening indoors between collectors and vendors and between vendors themselves. The after-party included more hockey but this time, indoors.

If you were at the show, you would have seen that practically every table in the gym proudly displayed cards and collector items featuring past and present Winnipeg Jets players. The Winnipeg Jets are definitely a favourite among collectors of all ages who’ve called Winnipeg home for any length of time. The Toronto Maple Leafs are another favourite team among several of the collectors.

Winnipeg Manitoba sports card show Chalmers Community Club Jets NHL

Winnipeg Jets cards at the card show


Everyone who came to the show had a chance to enter their name to win an autographed Patrik Laine baseball cap and get a free pack of 2017 Topps Series One baseball cards. Card show attendees could also support the Elmwood Giants by purchasing two dollar card packs made specifically for the event.

Other things you might have seen at the Chalmers card show was a 1951 Parkhurst Terry Sawchuk rookie card, a Mike Trout autographed card, and boxes of Toronto Maple Leaf jersey and autograph cards. Many vendors displayed an abundant selection of affordable cards which make great gifts for any age of sports fan in your life.

Winnipeg Manitoba sports card show Chalmers Community Club Elmwood Giants baseball Jets NHL

Sports card show fundraiser for the Elmwood Giants baseball league


In case you missed the card show at Chalmers Community Club on February 24th, you can come out to the next show which will be on Saturday, May 5th. Once again, admission will be free.

Come support your community baseball team by purchasing some sports memorabilia in the gym and also as a fan in the stands when the Elmwood Giants get back onto the baseball diamond this spring.



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