Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector #3


I’m a brand new card collector. After rolling my eyes and sighing deeply whenever I heard my husband talking to someone else about another over-priced piece of colourful cardboard, I finally caved.

You can go read part 1 here and part 2 here to find out why I decided to collect cards.


My Best Tip


I’m not going to beat around the bush and make you read until the end of this blog post to tell you my tip.

But first, I’m going to come right out and confess to you that my husband owns and operates his own sports card store. He started his business nearly 7 years ago but he has been buying and selling and trading cards at card stores, flea markets, garage sales, and from the bowels of our basement for as long as we’ve been married.

And you might remember that I should thank his sports cards collection for buying me a diamond engagement ring back in 1997.

So of course, it would make sense that some of the cards for my collection will come from the huge inventory of his store. I think I earned it by helping him move the store’s entire contents in May (2017) and then again two months later in July – it wasn’t easy! But it did have its fun moments.

But neither he nor his store have all the cards I need for my 100 Greatest NHL players set nor does he have all the cards for the Canvas Upper Deck set I just started working on. More on that later.

All that to say, despite the few million sports cards in my husband’s possession, I am still going to be looking elsewhere to complete these two projects.

So here’s my tip:

Get what you can for free.


Seems obvious, I know.

Each card that you get for nothing helps you save up for the cards that you will eventually have to buy.


National Hockey Card Day Treasures


The first five cards for my NHL Top 100 collection I also got for free, thanks to National Hockey Card Day on March 3rd.

In Canada, Upper Deck included these five legends in the free packs the participating stores handed out:

  • Mario Lemieux,
  • Mark Messier,
  • Guy LaFleur,
  • Darryl Sittler, and
  • Steve Yzerman.

National Hockey Card Day Winnipeg Manitoba 2018


These 5 former NHL players are all on the list! Even though these particular cards are not my favourite look to a card, it is a start to my 100+ card collection.

Eventually, I’m going to have spend money, especially as I look for the players who played in the 1930s, 40s, & 50s.

Then there’s Georges Vezina who played from 1910-1926. He played in the NHA before the NHL was in existence! I’m really looking forward to finding one of Vezina’s cards because his personal story is tragic, but fascinating.

After we acquired the Syl App’s card just one day after National Hockey Card Day, I went home and printed off the list of the Top 100. I hadn’t fully committed to the Top 100 project until that day, March 4th.


Syl Apps NHL hockey Toronto Maple Leafs

Syl Apps – 10 years playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs


But once I held the Syl App’s card in my hands, as water-stained and creased as it was, I knew that this project was officially happening!


Steal from your kids…

or someone else who used to collect.


Lucky me, I was able to get a decent start on my collection thanks to a box my husband picked up at a recent card show. Fortunately, he’s not the only one in my family with sports cards.

My oldest two boys used to be avid card collectors. I hope that, some day, they will, like Chris Monkman, get back into collecting. But for now, they would rather play hockey and watch it than collect.

Anyway, my teenagers were willing to give me some of the cards they had from their dusty collection. One of my boys was a big Mats Sundin fan!


WInnipeg Manitoba Sports Card Collector Sports Card Blog

Some of the cards I got from my kids.


My two youngest children, gave me these cards. My youngest son has a small Crosby collection, and my daughter won the Patrick Roy card at Pack Wars.


Patrick Roy Sidney Crosby Winnipeg NHL 2018 Winnipeg Jets


And my middle-born child, who is fascinated with Tim Horton (more so because he loves Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwiches and donuts), got very excited when we stumbled upon this card in the box my husband had bought at the Oak Bluff card show:


Tim Horton Winnipeg Manitoba sports card store Toronto Maple Leafs legend


On my way to 100

After all was said and done, I counted up 27 cards that I had got for free. The Syl  Apps card was NOT free. We paid about as much for it as a tank of gas!

Good thing summer’s coming so we can bike.


ET Winnipeg Manitoba


Have you got any tips for me? Or any cards to give me? I’m willing to take both – your advice AND your cards if you have any of the NHL’s top 100 players.

Maybe I’ll see you at the upcoming card show at Bronx Park on Saturday, March 24th where I’ll be looking for a couple more cards to add to my existing collection of 28.

The show at Bronx Park Community Centre has come and gone. To see what you missed, check out my post here.

For more information about upcoming sports card shows, check out the home page of

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