Updated: April 14, 2018

Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector – Entry #5


[Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector starts here with entry #1]


Collecting hockey cards isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. And I think I’ve changed my mind.

Oh no, not about collecting. But heh, if you want to offer me some encouragement, I’ll take all that I can get right now.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about…

I’m kind of thinking about giving up on collecting the 2016-17 Upper Deck Canvas set that I’ve started.

Now be honest with me. Am I giving up too easily? Maybe I am. I’ll tell you why I’m frustrated with this project in a minute.


But first let me say…SHAME ON YOU, YOUNG GUN CARDS!


UD Canvas Young Guns can eat my dust bunnies


Why do you have to be so darn expensive and hard to come by?!


I know, hard to come by = expensive. I know.

Seriously, I am not going to be paying $10 for each card between 91 and 120. That’s $300! I have kids to feed!


Upper Deck Canvas collector hockey card blog

Making do…without the UD Canvas Young Guns.


I have zero UD Canvas Young Guns and now that I’ve had my little outburst here, I’ll accept that and move on.

Oh no wait. There’s more.

But why did you have to do that to me, Upper Deck? Now I have this big gap between series one and series two? It’s just…ugly.

I may be able to handle looking at pictures like this all day…


Upper Deck Canvas collector hockey card blog

“Does this bother you?”


but I don’t like starting off my very first set like this.


grumpy cat meme hockey card collecting blog

Yeah, I’m sick of my whining too.


All right, now that I’ve finished my temper tantrum and I’ve truly moved past the fact that my 2016-17 UD Canvas set will have one perfectly shaped hole in it…let me tell you where I’m actually at with cards from 1 to 90 and cards 121 to 210.

In series 1, I have 49 more than 49 cards, including the checklist.

In series 2, I have 88 89, including the checklist.


Upper Deck Canvas Winnipeg Jets hockey card collector blog

Series 1 pile on the left, Series 2 on the right.


It’s not a bad start. Right?

But honestly, I thought that finding Upper Deck Canvas cards would be easier.

And less expensive. The places I’ve found them at have wanted to sell them to me for $2 – $3 each. I’ve been told to go no higher than $1 a card.

(Mike from Sports Card Connection, thanks for the 18 cards I picked up on April 14! Only 26 more cards to go!)


UD Canvas is still my favourite


Here’s the deal. When I first stumbled upon the Upper Deck canvas card at the Oak Bluff card show on March 4th, I immediately liked everything about it.

I documented the whole process of falling in love with UD Canvas in the Goldilock’s post here but I’ll quickly summarize the gist of it here.

UD Canvas has everything I like: 

  • clear pictures where the player stands out from the background,
  • creativity in those very pictures,
  • a clean, modern look, and
  • easy to read stats.

And it doesn’t have what I don’t like – a lot of plain white, super shiny/metallic, and it’s not a brick.

However…all is not lost!

I may be setting aside my second card collecting project (the first is the NHL’s 100 greatest players which is also an ongoing thing) but I’m not giving up collecting.


Taking advice from Twitter and Andrew B.


This week, I was inspired by someone I stumbled upon on Twitter.

Check out @burefanatic10. As you might guess, he collects Pavel Bure cards. According to his Twitter profile, he currently has 1618 cards. Probably more by now.

Isn’t that cool? The collectors I’ve talked to at the last two card shows have told me that they have a favourite player or two that they tend to collect, whether consciously or not.

The more I think about it, the more I like this idea. I may not be collecting my favourite style of cards so I’ll compromise style for player.

Who will that be? Hard to say because I’m not the kind of person to put all of her proverbial eggs in one basket. Or monster box.

And maybe I’ll find a new style that I’ll like just as much as UD Canvas.

Despite the white and silver, I’m liking these (expensive!) Overtime cards.


Upper Deck Overtime Winnipeg hockey card blogger collector


The other thing that I’ve been thinking about recently is advice Andrew Binner gave to young collectors and those new to the hobby. He said, look at the Moose and choose an up-and-coming star to follow.

With Sami Niku’s recent performance in Montreal and other great Moose players (ie. Jack Roslovic and Tucker Poolman) moving up and down between the Jets and Moose, I think this would be a fun way to look at the hobby as well as the game of hockey.


Winnipeg Jets Manitoba Moose rookie hockey card Poolman Connor Roslovic

These 3 are strong players for the Jets, yet have been back and forth with the Moose.


Kyle Connor is a prime example. Connor’s proven that a hockey player can be dropped down from the Jets to the Moose and come back to the NHL better than ever. If I had been following his journey since he was first drafted in 2015, I imagine that I would have been riding an emotional roller coaster along with him these past 3 years.

Who will be next? Mason Appleton is having a phenomenal rookie year with the Moose. Buddy Robinson is one point behind Sami Niku. It will definitely be interesting to watch these players when fall rolls around.


Manitoba Moose hockey cards Winnipeg card collecting blog

Upper Deck Cards from the 2016-17 Manitoba Moose season.


What’s your story? Have you ever started a collection only to discover that the cards you needed were harder to find or more expensive than you had anticipated? Did you give up? Find a second job? Sell a kidney on the black market?

This series continues with Entry #6 here.


Edited to Add: Thanks for the encouragement. You know who you are.

Dmitry Orlov Upper Deck Canvas Washington Capitals hockey card blog

A loyal reader gave me this card this week, not knowing that I was writing this article. #grateful