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It’s summer time which means NO SCHOOL! AHHHHHHH!!!

I’m a parent and that means fighting with my kids to get off the computer and out of the house.

Go read a book! Stop fighting with your brother! Stop eating, you just ate 20 minute ago!
Go get dressed, it’s 3 o’clock already!

Go run around the block, I don’t care that there’s lightning. That means it’s an obstacle course!


Winnipeg Sports Cards summer contest Winnipeg Manitoba Pack Wars


If you’re nervous about having your kids at home for 2 months (like me) and you’ve run out of ideas of what they should do, here’s a suggestion.

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The hobby of hockey/baseball/football/basketball card collecting is a good one and it can serve several purposes.

1. It can teach kids about a sport (or 4).

2. Handling sports cards, looking at them, reading the stats, etc. is a good way to sneak in a little covert education which is especially important in the summer months.

3. It’s a great hobby for the entire family! You can all work together to complete a set or search for an illusive card.

4. It can teach children about saving money. Some people complain about high card prices. Yes, there are many high-priced items but there are also many reasonably priced card packs and boxes you can pick up too.

5. Support local, small businesses. Winnipeg has 12 shops where you can buy sports cards. Just like Amazon is a threat to small shops, eBay is a threat to sports card stores which are often run by families.


Winnipeg Sports Cards summer contest Winnipeg Manitoba Pack Wars


But now that it’s summer and there are no more sports card shows on the calendar until the end of September, I’ve come up with a way for you and your kids to get into – or get more enjoyment from – the hobby.

I’ve made up a prize pack with several packs of baseball cards, a game of Pack Wars 2.0 for Baseball, and a gift card for a cold summer treat. There will be a prize pack available each week this summer and you can win it…IF you’re the first one to find it and claim it.


Winnipeg Sports Cards summer contest Winnipeg Manitoba Pack Wars


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Winnipeg Sports Cards summer contest Winnipeg Manitoba Pack Wars