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Do you have a problem with bored kids?

Need a new game to get them off their screens?


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My 13- and 9-year-old sons can spend hours pouring over hockey cards. Give them a pile of cards and they will spend hours going through them, sorting them, and looking into more about a player’s history.

For example, we recently found out that Adam Lowry of the Winnipeg Jets, our favourite team, is the son of Dave Lowry, who played in the NHL from 1985 to 2004. We learned something new the other day!  From a hockey card.

My boys are also infatuated with the Staal brothers. They’re both trying to collect a card of each brother – Eric, Jared, Jordan, and Marc.

Of course, they both have favourite players whose cards they collect. One likes Crosby and the other seems to like goalies.

The most fun seems to come from looking at the various impromptu pictures on the cards and reading the sometimes-hard-to-pronounce names.

Oh, and Pack Wars. They both really enjoy playing Pack Wars.


Covert Education


The best part about the hobby of sports cards is that no matter what kind of cards (or sports) your kids are into – basketball cards, baseball cards, football cards, or hockey cards – they inevitably find themselves doing a little reading and perhaps even a little bit of math as they’re flipping through them.

Hockey cards – and of course basketball, baseball, and football cards – don’t look like a school textbook, but they certainly can have an important role in keeping your children’s brains occupied on things that are better for them than one-sided screen entertainment.


I have 5 children and I’ve found that my sons don’t usually like to read. In fact, one of my boys has received extra reading help at school for over 5 years. Getting him to read is as much fun as giving a feral cat a bath!

This past year, however, his reading has improved to the point where he’s now within his grade level. Strangely enough – and I can’t say that there is a direct correlation because I know there are many factors at play – he started his first hockey card collection this past year too…

I do believe that hockey cards have helped him. If nothing else, they are a new form of reading material that forces his brain to work in a new way.

And math too. When we look at our hockey cards, we look at the stats, of course. We calculate ages based on birthdays and we also learn a little bit of geography on the side. Some kids don’t know that Wisconsin isn’t in Canada or that Massachusetts is indeed a part of the United States of America. And then there are the European countries.

For my youngest sons, hockey cards have been a great way to get in a little bit of learning in a rather unusual way. And I’m certainly not going to complain about that!


Want to know more about Pack Wars?


When it comes to keeping kids busy, sometimes you need to get creative. I’ve taken the initiative and done some creative work for you by writing up six different versions of Pack Wars.


Pack Wars Hockey Cards Get Kids to Read

Pack Wars for Hockey

First of all, there’s Pack Wars 2.0 for Hockey that you can get for free when you sign up for the Winnipeg Sports Cards email newsletter. Once a week, I drop a little note in your email inbox and tell you about any upcoming sports card shows or autograph signing events in the Winnipeg area.

I also write blog posts about my experiences as a new hockey card collector. I try to be somewhat entertaining while keeping things to the point.

Pack Wars 2.0 for Hockey is a pretty simple version of the Pack Wars game. It has 20 questions that you will need to download, print off, and then cut up into individual questions on separate slips of paper. And as the name suggests, you’ll need to use hockey cards for this version.

Pack Wars 2.1 for Hockey is slightly more advanced. Again, it requires hockey cards. You won’t be able to play it with baseball cards or basketball cards or football cards. It’s available to download for $2 when you email [email protected] This game gives you 30 new questions for hockey cards.

Pack Wars for Baseball

For kids and adults who love baseball, try this game the next time you open up a new pack of baseball cards.

You can also play this game with baseball cards that are already opened. All you need is a bunch of baseball cards with some player stats on the back, at least one person to play against, your Pack Wars 2.0 Baseball questions, and you’re good to go.


Pack Wars for Baseball Get Kids to Read


Pack Wars 2.0 for Basketball & Football

These 2 games are both ready to play today! Each version contains 30 questions based on either basketball cards or football cards.

If your child hates school work and/or reading, you’ll find it so much easier to get him or her to play Pack Wars than it is to have them open up their teacher-assigned-book and struggle through some boring story they absolutely don’t care about at all.

Give Pack Wars 2.0 a try.


Pack Wars for Football Cards Get Kids to Read

Pack Wars for Basketball Cards Get Kids to Read


Pack Wars 2.0 ALL SPORTS!

To be honest, Pack Wars 2.0 All Sports is my favourite Pack Wars game because you can play it with any kind of sports cards including soccer cards!

You can even mix and match hockey cards with baseball cards with football cards with basketball cards…it won’t matter!

I’ve carefully selected questions that have nothing to do with any specific sport statistic or feature, unlike the other versions of Pack Wars. Approximately half of the questions focus on basic reading and letter recognition and the other half focus on number recognition and basic math skills.

This version of Pack Wars 2.0 has 40 questions and you can play the game using as many or as few of these questions as you’d like.


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Pack Wars is now available to purchase and download. Just email us at [email protected]

Or sign up for the WSC email newsletter and get your free version of Pack Wars 2.0 for hockey in your email inbox each and every Friday!


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