Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector Entry #7

Entry #1 begins here.


Back in February/March when I first made the decision to (reluctantly) collect sports cards, I eventually decided to work on a couple of collecting projects at once. These specific projects took shape over the course of several weeks as I “window shopped” the hobby.

I have an ongoing collection of my favourite NHL hockey team, the Winnipeg Jets. Time will tell how it will change once the hockey season begins.


Winnipeg Jets hockey cards


There is the now complete Upper Deck Canvas 2016-17 set. You can read about my disappointment in completing my first hockey card set here.

And here is an update on my 3rd project: the NHL’s Top 100 Greatest players of all time. A list made up in 2017, the 100th anniversary of the National Hockey League’s existence. You can read about the first card I got for this set, a Syl Apps pre-war card, here.

Admission – I will use “our” and “I” interchangeably in this post. Although this was initially my vision, my husband and 9-year-old son (and now my 13-year-old son as well!) continue to contribute to this collection. And my four other children have all donated at least one hockey card to it. It is “our” collection and that’s why I’ll hold onto doubles.


NHL Top 100 greatest hockey players hockey cards family hobby

NHL Top 100 greatest hockey players hockey cards family hobby

Can one have too many Martin Brodeur cards?


Card collecting = reading


Here’s another reason why I like card collecting as a family hobby. In the process of working on our Top 100 list, my boys and I have read about and researched several players. And as a mom, I especially like working on this project during the summer, when most kids would rather avoid any kind of school work. Your kids too?


Random Packs FTW!


Some of my favourite additions to the Top 100 NHL list have been found in random packs we’ve bought. There’s something inexplicably enjoyable about opening up packs, even ones that are not factory sealed.

definition: random packs – an assortment of cards, usually from one sport but can be from different card manufacturers and from various years, placed in a clear “team bag.”


Meyers Meats Manitoba sports card store Carberry 


One recent example I can think of is when I bought some dollar packs at Mitchell Foods. Jordan had made up some hockey card packs with various cards and players and I was able to add a couple players, including Pavel Datsyuk, to my collection.

We also had some great random pack finds in Carberry.


Upper Deck Hockey Explore Manitoba Carberry Meyers Meats


My son and I are also adding in players that we think should have been included in the NHL’s list. We both believe that Dale Hawerchuk and Teemu Selanne are worthy of being in the Top 100 list so we will add them into our collection.


NHL Top 100 greatest hockey players hockey cards family hobby

Will Kyle Connor eventually be one of the NHL’s greatest players of all time?


NHL Top 100 greatest hockey players hockey cards family hobby

Two cards of Mark Messier.


We don’t have all 100 players yet, but we do have quite a few cards. It’s getting harder and harder to sort through them to see which exact card we have of each player, even with our handy dandy checklist that never seems to be completely accurate. Some players have more than 2 cards and eventually we’ll have to make the decision which card we’ll choose.

Or not.

We’ve now gotten to the point where we need to display our collection in a way that makes adding to it easier. Don’t worry, I will definitely not be glueing any cards to anything. Your suggestions would be appreciated!


NHL Top 100 greatest hockey players hockey cards family hobby


Here’s where it can get accidentally educational again.

We could organize our Top 100 card collection alphabetically.

Or maybe by birth year of the player, oldest to youngest. Or maybe by the year they were first active in the NHL. That would make a cool timeline.

Whichever way we eventually choose to arrange/display our collection, we’ll make sure it’s in a way that can be easily changed.

My questions for you:

What’s the best card you’ve found in a random pack?

Have you ever worked on a bigger card collection proejct that transcends card manufacturer and year?

Who would you add to the NHL Top 100 list?