Manitoba Sports Cards hosted our very first Pack Wars Family Bash on Wednesday, August 29th.

We rented a room at the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre. A nice, clean location that was somewhat central, although still a drive for the folks in Transcona and the west perimeter.


What’s the big deal about Pack Wars?


To read more about what Pack Wars is, start here.

The reason why we – and any parent who has ever played the game with their kids – like Pack Wars so much is because it’s a family game that kids of all ages enjoy playing.


  • it gets kids off screens,
  • it encourages kids to get active,
  • it requires some basic literacy and numeracy skills, and
  • it often inspires a little research. And I don’t need to tell you that research involves reading.


I’ve always learned something new whenever I’ve played Pack Wars. For example, Jaromir Jagr is a great player to have in your hockey card deck and Frank Mahovlich was born in 1938.


Winnipeg’s first ever Pack Wars Family Bash


150 packs of hockey cards were made prior to the family bash. The hockey card packs included mainly Upper Deck Series 1 and 2 cards from 2015-16 and 2016-17. There were other cards included as well. Take a look at the pictures posted below to see the variety of cards contained in the different packs. Each pack contained 10 hockey cards.

As the Pack Wars players arrived, they signed their name on our scorekeeping sheet, picked out and placed their packs of cards in a brown paper bag, and grabbed some pink bubble gum. They were clearly instructed to not touch their packs until the beginning of each round.


Pack Wars hockey cards family hobby Winnipeg


We also included one ticket for a drink or a snack of their choice. Food was available for a very minimal cost. The goal was not to make money. It was to have fun together as a family, no matter how many kids you had with you!


Pack Wars hockey cards family hobby Winnipeg


Shortly after 7 pm, the first round of Pack Wars was underway. Participants opened their packs and were allowed to exchange any doubles, checklists, or cards that didn’t have player statistics on them.


Pack Wars hockey cards family hobby Winnipeg



Pack Wars Upper Deck hockey cards hockey cards family hobby Winnipeg

Upper Deck hockey cards Winnipeg family

Upper Deck hockey cards Winnipeg family


Upper Deck hockey cards Winnipeg family


We played a total of 4 rounds before switching things up.

40 questions down, one more round to go. The 5th round shall remain a mystery to those who didn’t come.

Our young scorekeeper worked hard trying to make sure she recorded the winner of each question, then declaring a winner at the end of each round.


Upper Deck hockey cards Winnipeg family


In the end, 5 prizes were awarded to the winner of each round. We also handed out a door prize to one very grateful Pack Wars game participant.

A good evening was had by our Pack Wars players, even though our numbers were low. That just meant that your chances of winning were that much better!


Pack Wars family bash #2


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