Updated: July 9, 2020


So you’ve stumbled upon your old hockey card collection in the farthest corner of your parent’s house.

You wipe off the dust and, as the dust bunnies float down to the ground, you open the lid.

Memories flood in. The days when you and your buddies were into hockey cards. You’d open up packs and compare what was inside. Losing a bet and having to fork over your card allowance for the week. Chewing on pink bubblegum that came inside the pack. Looking for the top rookies and best players of the season. Hoping with fingers and toes crossed that maybe *your team* would make it all the way to the Stanley Cup that year so you could see your favourite player with The Cup.

Well…Jimmy moved away. Jody got married. Should have known you’d never stay in touch.

But when you look back now those summers seemed to last forever. And if you had a choice, you’d always want to be there.

And those? Those, were the best days of your life.

Weren’t they?

(Thanks for the inspiration, Bryan Adams.)

Okay, maybe your childhood wasn’t that idyllic. And maybe you’re merely the point person in charge of selling old Uncle Isaac’s collection after he passed away.

In that case, let me cut to the chase.


Quick side note: don’t go selling a card collection that don’t belong to you. We’ve heard stories of angry women trying to cash in on their ex’s collection. That’s not cool.

Winnipeg Manitoba sports cards for sale hockey cards for sale baseball cards basketball cards football cards

There are stores in Winnipeg that buy sports card collections.


Opened packs. “Singles” if you will, and card sets as well. Some will also buy memorabilia – like jerseys – and other collectibles – such as comic books.

I’ve done my research and compiled a list of the stores who are willing to talk to you about possibility purchasing your collection.

But first things first.

Before you pack your sports cards into your vehicle…DO THIS!

Phone the store(s) first.


Some stores may have a specified buyer; that person may not be in the store every single day.

Some stores may have a temporary freeze on buying collections or collectibles.

And please realize that some stores on this list are only after a certain era of card. Whatever their customer base has an ongoing interest in. They’ll only buy the cards that they can move. No one wants to sit around with a warehouse of cards they’ve purchased and then can’t sell. Stores will need to make a certain level of profit for their efforts.

Before you call…


Have an idea of what you’ve got. Do you have hockey cards and baseball cards? Or basketball cards? Or football cards?

Which era are they from? The 1950s? Early 2000s? Check the dates that the player played.

Approximately how many cards do you have? One small box of cards? A large box with 4 full rows of cards? Or several shoes boxes and binders of various sizes?

What kind of condition are they in? If they show any kind of smoke or water damage or any excess wear and tear, chances are you won’t get any money for them UNLESS they’re very, very old cards.


Syl Apps NHL hockey card Toronto Maple Leafs


Having a good estimate of what you’ve got will be extremely helpful in your conversation with the store/stores you call.


Stores in Winnipeg that buy sports card collections:


  • listed in alphabetical order



Cancentral                                           204-775-9631

Galaxy Comics & Collectibles              204-338-5216

Hurricane’s Pro Shop                          204-451-2214

Lower Level Sports Cards                   204-421-1299

Sports Card Connection                      204-256-7080

Uptown Sports                                     204-885-3377


3 more ideas if you run into a dead end:

If these avenues fail, consider pricing them reasonably, based on some general estimates of their worth from the card store owners you’ve talked to, and then put them out at a garage sale. At garage sale prices.

Or offer them to a niece or nephew or neighbourhood kid whose parents would probably be extremely appreciative of the fact that they could discover a new hobby that cuts down on their screen time. (Speaking as a parent myself!)

One last option – if you have kids of your own or you regularly interact with kids perhaps as a school teacher or in some volunteer capacity – download a $5 or $10 Pack Wars 2.0 game. It contains complete instructions on how you can use any kind of sports card collection – hockey cards, basketball cards, baseball cards, or football cards – to offer some wholesome entertainment to kids of all ages!


Want a sample of Pack Wars 2.0 for hockey? Sign up for your weekly email newsletter on our home page and download your game as well as a 43 Card Collecting Project every Friday.


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