Heh parents, teachers, grandparents!

Sports cards (hockey cards, baseball, basketball, football, whatever you like) is a hobby you WANT your kid in.

I never used to get it. The hobby of collecting was completely lost on me. More on that is in a series of posts I’ve named Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector.

My husband collected as a kid and dabbled in it before opening up his own hobby store. My older two boys were collectors too and often accompanied him to sports card shows. 

But I didn’t get it. In hindsight, I wish I had supported them in the hobby.

Just over a year ago, I decided to try to wrap my brain around card collecting INSTEAD of sighing and rolling my eyes at yet ANOTHER CARD SHOW.

I chose to talk to people at the card show and they were…interesting, in a good way.

And friendly. The people (mainly men) have always been super nice to me and my kids.

As a result of my interest, my two youngest sons have jumped into the hobby with both feet. And the rewards are many:

▶️ more confidence when interacting with other people;

▶️ negotiating skill;

➡️ mental math skills;


▶️ overall interest in reading up on hockey (sports), past and present.

Do you see that there are many benefits aside from the one on one time you get to spend with them collecting cards?

collect sports cards family hobby

If your kid has any interest in any sport and especially if they struggle with math or reading or socially or budgeting, give the hobby of card collecting a try.

Visit your local card store. Go to a card show. Connect with fellow collectors on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Give #thehobby a chance.