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Pack Wars is the interactive card game you can play with your kids and your friends. All you need is a couple packs of hockey or baseball cards & someone to play against!

Every Friday, you can download Pack Wars 2.0 for Hockey as my gift to you!

DIY Jersey Card

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it got me thinking about making the perfect gift for dad. Or at least, something different. We’ve been through the macaroni art and finger printing masterpieces at our house. It’s time to take it up a notch. Plus, sometimes...

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13+ Ways for Kids to Collect Sports Cards

  I hear it often. And it bugs me. "Collecting is only for the rich." Of something like it. There is some truth to that statement. You used to be able to buy a couple of packs of sports cards for a buck or less. No longer the case. The least expensive packs now...

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Give your kid the gift of hockey cards

Heh parents, teachers, grandparents! Sports cards (hockey cards, baseball, basketball, football, whatever you like) is a hobby you WANT your kid in. I never used to get it. The hobby of collecting was completely lost on me. More on that is in a series of posts I've...

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National Hockey/Baseball Card Day

This is a follow up post from How to Prepare for National Hockey/Baseball Card Day.   February 23rd, 2019 was National Hockey Card Day in North America. My kids and I had a plan (see How to Prepare for NHCD post referred to above). But our day didn't go exactly...

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How to Prepare for National Hockey/Baseball Card Day

Saturday, February 15th is National Hockey Card Day.   Which means that February 15th will be one of the best days of 2020! Not only can you get free hockey cards on February 16th but the day lends itself nicely to spending time with your kids (if you have),...

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Pack Wars Family Bash

Manitoba Sports Cards hosted our very first Pack Wars Family Bash on Wednesday, August 29th. We rented a room at the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre. A nice, clean location that was somewhat central, although still a drive for the folks in Transcona and the west perimeter....

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Which stores in Winnipeg buy hockey card collections?

  Updated: July 9, 2020   So you've stumbled upon your old hockey card collection in the farthest corner of your parent's house. You wipe off the dust and, as the dust bunnies float down to the ground, you open the lid. Memories flood in. The days when you...

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Our Top 100 NHL Greatest Project

My son and I are also adding in players that we think should have been included in the NHL’s list. We both believe that Dale Hawerchuk and Teemu Selanne are worthy of being in the NHL Top 100 list so we will add them into our collection.

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The birthday party game you’ve never played

  If you're on the hunt for a way to entertain your son's or daughter's friends at their next birthday party, I have a suggestion for you. Something that you've probably never heard of and an activity you might have never had on your radar.     It...

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Get your kids to read!

Last update: October 5, 2018   Do you have a problem with bored kids? Need a new game to get them off their screens?       My 13- and 9-year-old sons can spend hours pouring over hockey cards. Give them a pile of cards and they will spend hours...

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WSC 2018 Summer Contest

UPDATE: The summer contest is now over. For new and creative activities you can do with sports cards, please sign up for the Manitoba Sports Cards email newsletter.   It’s summer time which means NO SCHOOL! AHHHHHHH!!! I’m a parent and that means fighting with my...

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June 2nd Card Show & Pack Wars 2.0

NHL teams are in rest and recovery mode. The NBA have also completed their season. Summer sports are heating up, with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers winning their first pre-season game on June 1st and the Winnipeg Goldeyes sitting at 8 wins and 6 losses as of June 2nd....

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May 5th Card Show at Chalmers – Photo Recap

Spring is upon us and baseball practices have begun in Manitoba! Approximately 170 people walked through the doors at Chalmers Community Centre. Some knew they were supporting the Elmwood Giants baseball program and others came for the sports cards. In case you missed...

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I think I’ve changed my mind

Updated: April 14, 2018 Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector - Entry #5   [Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector starts here with entry #1]   Collecting hockey cards isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. And I think I’ve changed my...

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Bronx Park show – March 24, 2018

  Winnipeg was lucky to escape the spring storm that had threatened to bury southwestern Manitoba on the weekend of March 23rd. On the morning of the Bronx Park card show, vendors arrived as early as 7:15 to set up their tables.   Doors opened at 9:00 am and...

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I am a Goldilocks card collector

Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector - Entry #4   I’m not a girly-girl. I don't think of myself as "high maintenance". I like playing sports and I’m not afraid to get dirty or sweaty. I can’t wear make-up more than once a week because my skin and eyes...

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1 frugal tip to starting a hockey card collection

Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Card Collector #3   I’m a brand new card collector. After rolling my eyes and sighing deeply whenever I heard my husband talking to someone else about another over-priced piece of colourful cardboard, I finally caved. You can go...

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Pack Wars 2.0 – The sports card game

Last Update: July 6, 2018 On February 24th, 2018, Lower Level Sports Cards & Collectibles ran it’s first Pack War series at the “After Party” following the sports card show at Chalmers community club. Not to be confused with the Hireling card game of the same...

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3 collecting tips from a vintage card specialist

Collector’s Billboard: Andrew Binner   Andrew Binner was a regular, hockey-crazed, 7-year-old boy when he witnessed the unforgettable kindness of one of Winnipeg’s favourite Jets’ players. After waiting patiently in line for 2 hours to get Teemu Selanne’s...

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Every hockey card has 2 stories

Confessions of a reluctant sports card collector - Entry 2   Every sports card has two stories. The first story is the player’s personal story and their performance in sport. The second story is how a person ended up with a certain card in their possession. In my...

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3 lessons I learned from a card show newbie

Collector’s Billboard: Chris Monkman   It was the first card show Chris attended as a seller and he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But what he walked away with at the end of the day was much more than he’d hoped for. Chris spent all of his spare time during...

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Elmwood Giants benefit from Chalmers Club card show

Chalmers Community Club played host to their very first sports card show on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The purpose of the card show was to raise money for the Elmwood Giants baseball team. It also brought sports fans together to enjoy the hobby of collecting. By 10...

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